Best Free Hip Hop Certification Online (Reviews and more)

Dance is a tremendous form of fitness for both adults as well as for children. When you dance, you move every single part of your body. This will help your body to regulate and make you feel flexible and nimble. You will also learn to get control of your movements. It is a joyful activity; if you want to dance, then just engage in it and get on the floor. The dancer will be able to enhance their legs or hands and brain coordination with tunes and beats.

In this article we’ve explained the origins of hip hop dancing and highlighted some of the best online hip hop courses.

What is Hip Hop Dancing?

Hip Hop is a form of dance, which emerged in early 1970. Hip Hop is the mixture of all dance forms such as breakdance, crumping, and popping. It is basically a dance form for rap music and party songs. Through hip-hop dance, you will be able to get more control of your body and also feel more flexibility and coordination of your brain with music. 

Hip Hop dancing also increases your self-confidence towards dance and also helps to get rid of stress and improve your mood as well. After getting all the benefits, it might encourage you to learn hip-hop dance. To learn hip-hop dance online, you must have to for to the best training centers. If you want to learn online hip-hop dance with certification, the following online classes will be helpful for you.

Best Online Hip Hop Certification Classes

When it comes to online hip hop learning, you must have to select the best platform. The following platforms will be helpful for you to learn hip hop online with certification. The best online hip hop certification classes are:


If you are in search of the best hip hop dance class, Udemy is the right place for you to learn about hip hop. Udemy is a website having a wide range of online courses with high-end features. They also provide online certification that is also printable. 

This website has all the dancing skills according to levels such as for beginners, intermediate, and expert levels. Through expert-level training, you can easily start your own dancing institute. Udemy doesn’t provide you boring dance lectures, but they focused on rhythms, grooving, or dancing with musical interpretations. Furthermore, you can also be able to learn movement principles by learning other courses. 

All the Udemy courses are done through video lessons. For deep learning, the website also offers pdf and other downloadable resources. All of the courses on Udemy are made to target the student’s weak points.

Udemy’s Hip Hop Dancing for beginners


Skillshare is one of the most trusted and beneficial websites for online courses; you can easily get a wide range of courses here with certification. For online hip-hop dance classes, Skillshare is one of the best websites for you to learn. They have a good range of hip-hop dance to be learned for everyone.

The free courses of Skillshare are beneficial for beginners, while for the expert level, you have to pay. All the skillshares team of hip hop dance management is well qualified. The skillshare courses are held online through video lessons. These videos are well designed and engaging for a student to get motivated for their courses. 

Skillshare also offers scholarships for their good students. However, if you set 80% in your course, you will be able to get skillshares certification of online hip hop dance classes.

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Reed is the best online courses website that empowers students to show their hidden talents. Most people sung and dance under one roof and can’t have the confidence to dance in front of an audience. But you don’t need to worry; Reed also provides you online classes for hip hop dance as well as they also focus on your self-confidence. 

They are also available to get students in touch with instructors. Reed offers free courses for beginners, also has paid courses for an expert level. These courses will give you high-level knowledge about dance moves. They don’t only teach hip-hop moves but also train students to make their own moves. Once you are able to make your own moves, you can easily open a hip-hop dance academy. 

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Hip Hop is one of the most creative dance forms to show your creativity. So, if you want to be a part of a hip-hop dancer, you have to learn hip-hop dancing skills. For this, iDance is the best website for you to learn hip hop dancing skills. They have a wide range of hip hop dancing lessons through which you easily get to know about all the moves of hip hop dancing. 

They also provide you lessons about expression and emotions with music. They teach you to dance with emotion according to music lyrics. There are at least 150 video lessons on hip-hop dance for you to learn. This website has four hip-hop dance instructors; you can easily contact one of them to learn dance moves according to your wish. 

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Dance Plug

Dance plug is another learning hip hop website for you. Dance plug doesn’t matter, from which background you have. There are courses for everyone to learn new skills. If you want to be a hip-hop dancer, dance plug will teach you about each and every move of hip-hop dance.

They focused on one-to-one lessons on hip hop dance. The student is able to be a hip-hop choreographer and can be a hip-hop instructor. There is a combination of more than 450 video lessons for you to learn every single movement of hip-hop dance. 

Every instructor on Dance plug is experienced and takes no time to make a beginner a pro. The classes are held online through videos or in written form through pdfs and other sources. You can also get certificates at the end of your course. 

Dance is an art, and Hip Hop dance is a creative art. If you want to learn some skills about hip hop dance, you have to select the best classes for your improvement. The dance moves are always made by your own creativity. The expressions and emotions with every line of music leave an impactful view of your dance. So, if you are looking for the best online hip-hop certification, the above online platforms will be helpful for you to learn new skills according to your desires.