10 free online courses with printable certificates in 2022

Best online courses with certificates 2022

Do you want to improve your skills and quickly move up the ladder in your career?

Taking an online course can help you gain knowledge and it also shows a prospective employer that you are serious about personal development and improving yourself.

Many online courses have a certificate that is printable or downloadable so you can put it into your resume or CV.

In this article we’ll provide an overview of 10 excellent online learning platforms that have free courses with printable certificates, so you can quickly jump into learning a new skill!

These courses offer certification after completing the course and come absolutely free of cost.

There are a range of courses in different fields including IT, computer science, digital marketing, copywriting and much more.

Our top Picks


The most popular choice as it has a ton of different free courses.

Microsoft Learn 

Another great learning platform for learning about all Microsoft tools and platforms.

Free Code Camp

Ideal for people who want to become a website developer.

Free online courses with printable certificates

1. Udemy

free online courses with printable certificates

Udemy is probably one of the biggest online course providers, with a total of 32,000 courses in different fields and subjects. Out of these, there are 823 free courses available that can be used to improve skills. It offers videos with subtitles and course documents that can also be downloaded so you can go through them at any time.

The vast range of courses in computer science, marketing, design, photography, blogging, etc. makes it one of the most sought out online learning platforms. It also has its own mobile application available on Google store and Apple store, which offers an intuitive and easy to use interface. So with the app, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and keep track of your progress.

It offers certification once you complete the course for most of their free courses. But they tend to change that every now and then, so you must look into it. The best thing about Udemy is that it does not charge you for signup. It also provides courses in many languages, which makes them understandable by people around the world.

The paid courses are pretty affordable, so once you have gotten used to it, you can also invest in more advanced courses that will further your learning. All courses have a review section where people can give their honest opinion about how they found the course useful and whether it improved their skills. So in this way you can be absolutely sure about what to expect from a course.

Udemy is a fantastic learning platform that can help you discover so many unique courses that you didn’t even know existed. And now, with so many free courses, you can be motivated to achieve so much more. So it is worth checking out if you want to improve or learn something new.

2. LinkedIn Learning

free online courses with printable certificates

LinkedIn Learning has transformed the previous Lynda educational learning platform to offer amazing skills to people looking to get a promotion in their current job. All the courses available on this platform are taught by professionals so that you can be absolutely sure of the good course content.

It has a wide variety of courses, from management skills, design, web development to critical thinking, and you can always find new and improved courses along the way. It offers a free printable certificate that can give your resume a major boost and help you get jobs. So this is a good learning platform for free online courses with printable certificates.

With completion certificates, you can also improve your Linkedin profile and add these directly so any interested recruiters can easily find you. It offers videos, quizzes, discussion platforms so you can practice and learn quickly. LinkedIn Learning has its own mobile application that can be downloaded by both Android and IOS users.

When signing up for the one-month free trial, you don’t need to pay for a monthly or yearly plan. One month is a lot of time to check out the platform and try a free course. If you are not satisfied with the learning by the end of the course, you can cancel it.

With the presence of so many free learning platforms, learning new skills has been quite easy, and you just have to commit some time to it. LinkedIn Learning has a wide variety of interesting courses that can help you improve your career path.

3. Oxford Home Study Center

free online courses with printable certificates

Oxford Home Study Center is a fairly new learning platform from the UK that provides amazing online courses in several fields. They also offer a total of 15 different free courses that do not require a free trial. All of these fifteen courses provide a certificate after the completion of the course.

Oftentimes, in order to get a completion certificate for a free online course, you need to pay a certain amount. Fortunately, that is not the case with OHSC, which is quite relieving. Apart from the free courses, you can also find unique diploma courses that can really help grow your career.

It offers courses from Construction Management to Cyber Security, which makes it pretty diverse. This is a great learning platform that provides a variety of free online courses with certificates in the UK. It allows you to get familiar with new courses and help your career.

You can interact with your instructors, and fellow students enrolled in the same course. This allows you to resolve your issues efficiently. The best thing about this platform is that it has an amazing support team that is always available to answer your queries. It does not matter whether you select a free or paid course; the team will be there to help you along the way.

You can study at your own pace and do not have to worry about not meeting deadlines. Furthermore, the OHSC has a super simple enrollment process that is pretty quick. And you can enroll at any time of the year as there is no batch system.

4. Allison

Allison is another outstanding learning platform that has a total of 1500 courses available from all kinds of fields. All of these courses are absolutely free of charge, and you can learn them anywhere anytime. The courses are self-paced, which allows you to efficiently manage both your job and learning.

It collects the free courses from all over the internet and places them on a single platform so that you dont have to look for them individually. With such a huge collection, there is a course for everybody who wants to improve existing skills or learn something completely new.

In terms of offering certificates, this platform has many free online courses with certificates of completion. The certificate is offered in a digital format that can then be printed out for a job interview. Together with video lectures, some courses are available in written format only, which may be ideal for people who love to read.

Like many other online course providers, Allison also offers a mobile application for taking courses on your phone. Most of their courses are from Management, Design, IT, and science fields. The courses offered by Allison are short courses that can be completed quickly, and most of the learners are pretty satisfied with the course content.

This learning platform is a great way of learning new skills as all the courses are absolutely free and self-paced. A lot of learners were able to find jobs and get promotions after learning skills from the courses offered by Allison. You can learn about new things and explore your creativity, which makes it worth looking into.

5. Google Digital Garage

Google is used pretty frequently by all of us. With so many Google services available to developers, it also has its own learning platform known as the Google Digital Garage. It offers a bunch of learning programs absolutely free so you can help develop your own business or improve your promotion chances.

It has a total of 146 courses, all available in video format. Each of their courses is divided into modules that do not have any time limit. You can learn and study at your own pace when you have free time during the day.

You don’t have to pay a small fee or go to extreme lengths to get the digital certificate. Once you have completed a course, it will take you to the page where you can download the certificate. You can add it to your CV/ resume and print it as well for your next job interview.

It does not require you to signup for a free trial; you can go through the course content anytime you like without paying a single penny. The courses are well designed and allow for interaction, which makes learning quite fun. It keeps you motivated without getting bored or exhausted.

Google Digital Garage is an amazing place to learn about digital marketing if you are planning to start a small business. It has everything you need to keep you on the right track. Such learning platforms are quite beneficial to people who are motivated to improve their skills to be better at their jobs.

6. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is another great training platform aimed at learning new skills related to Microsoft products such as Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and many more. It is completely free, and you can learn at your own pace. The site offers an interactive platform so you can learn effectively and practice on the spot.

It asks you about the area of your interest and whether you are a student or pursuing a specific career in an area. Based on the data collected, it suggests the courses that you could take to improve your skills. The platform also provides three different levels of courses, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can opt for the one best suited to your situation.

Microsoft Learn provides a certificate of completion at the end of the course, which can be quite beneficial for your career. A completion certificate holds great value in IT-related jobs, as it is proof of your training. So in this way, you can open doors to new jobs or even get yourself a promotion.

Furthermore, all the courses offered on this platform provide completion certificates, so it’s not just a few courses. It also provides amazing courses for critical jobs such as data analysts, data engineers, etc., as these fields are attracting a lot of young graduates.

Microsoft tools and software are sometimes difficult to understand, so having a platform that offers free training on such tools is amazing. So if you are thinking about making a career change or improving your knowledge and skills, you should definitely check out Microsoft Learn.


Openlearning is another new platform somewhat similar to Allison as it collects the best online courses offered by different educational institutions and from all over the internet. It offers paid courses, but you can still find a bunch of free courses in different areas and acquire new skills.

You can find unique courses on this platform from a number of different areas, and they are usually short and interesting. It has an interactive environment that allows you to stay motivated and learn new concepts and ideas. It offers self-evaluation tests and quizzes so you know how much progress you have made and how you can improve further.

They also provide course completion certificates for free courses that are sent via email, but you have to look for them closely. Some free courses may not offer certificates, but it just depends on the course creator. The Openlearning platform allows you to connect and interact with fellow students to stay motivated and share ideas.

As of now, more than a million people have undertaken courses from this platform, which can tell you about its growing popularity. It has made learning quite easy, and with such an interesting variety of courses, you can explore new career paths or add to your previous knowledge.

Despite being a new learning platform, Openlearning has proved to be quite beneficial to all learners around the world. So you can go for it if you are tired of seeing the same old platforms and are looking for a different collection of courses.Best AWS Courses

8. Free Code Camp

With the increase in IT jobs, people are now changing careers and joining boot camps or learning online. Free Code Camp is designed to help you get your first job as a website developer, and it is totally free. All you have to do is signup and start learning.

On this site, you can learn to code both website’s front end and back end by using the interactive environment. It teaches about databases, HTML, CSS, React.js, etc., and covers both the basics and the new platforms used for coding full-fledged websites. All the courses are divided into different levels with their time duration so you can learn at a smooth pace.

It has helped many new developers who wanted to have a career change and become a website developer. Free code camp has detailed courses that can enhance your skills if you stay motivated and give it a good amount of time.

For acquiring certificates, you need to give an exam and work on real-time projects, which can give you hands-on experience of applying the knowledge learned throughout the course. And once you have passed the exam, you get a completion certificate, which can play a major role in getting a new job.

This website has a pretty simple interactive environment that is easy to understand from the get-go. It also provides informative videos and articles related to the design and development of websites. Free Code Camp is one of the best learning platforms out there for CS-related jobs, and it can add great value to your next job.

9. Saylor.org

Saylor is a non-profit organization that aims to offer free courses to students who are still finishing up their degrees or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of a certain subject area. All the courses offered at Saylor are free of cost, and these are well designed with the latest course content.

After completing a course, you get a free certificate that you can use to help find new jobs. All of their courses have videos as well as book chapters that must be read for giving the examination. So for people who like to study in-depth more like a college education, this platform is perfect for them.

You can learn about a variety of different subjects from Art history to Business studies to Computer science. There is no hurry as you can set up your own schedule and learn anywhere. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection to learn.

It also allows you to homeschool so you can complete your college credits. So you don’t need to go to college and can easily learn from home. The teaching staff of Saylor is always there to help you resolve your issues related to course content.

Saylor.org is a great free learning platform that can help advance your career by offering you in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. So if you want academic style free learning at home, then you must try their online courses so you can get the maximum benefit.

10. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is being used by all of us in our daily lives, but now it offers several short courses related to marketing trends and techniques that you can use to grow your online business. It is not surprising to see Facebook coming up with their own learning platform as many big companies are doing this.

After taking the classes and learning the content on ads, API integration, marketing, etc., you are required to take a couple of exams that lead to getting a certificate. You can use this certificate to apply for different marketing jobs and start your career.

With the emergence of social media platforms, doing marketing for your businesses has become quite easy. You just need to learn about strategies and tools that you can use to become an important member of a digital marketing team.

The exam taken at the end of the course completion is quite hard, which says a lot about the importance of the accreditation given by Facebook Blueprint. You can advance your career as a digital marketer or even beginner looking to understand and implement everything about digital marketing.

This platform is pretty simple to use, and you can start learning about digital marketing with a simple Facebook sign-in. Learn to be at the top of Facebook advertising by taking the free courses offered by Facebook Blueprint. With a Blueprint certificate, you can impress your peers and get that promotion you have been hoping for.

Wrap Up

In today’s age of internet and technology, access to free learning has become quite easy, and a lot of people are taking advantage of this for improving their careers. Online courses are quite popular today as it gives you the opportunity to learn anywhere at your own pace. All of the learning platforms mentioned in this post are worth checking out, but we have a few favorites given below.

Most of these platforms offer free certificates of completion that can look really good on your resume. So there you have it, the free online courses with printable certificates 2021. We hope you find it useful, and you can benefit from these learning platforms.