Best Free Online Courses for Kids in 2021

Best Free Online Courses for Kids

If you strive for e-learning to maximize your kid’s learning, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. There is a profusion of paid and free courses available on the internet for distance learning. In other words, free online courses are a way for achievement­-driven parents to boost their kids’ academic record.

If you are homeschooling your kid, free online courses can help and foster your kid’s learning. Besides, free online classes are best to occupy the free time of your children during summer or winter breaks and save you from the hurdle of vacation camps and their high fees.

Even in the current coronavirus pandemic, schools and academies closure cannot keep your kid away from learning, thanks to the online courses that support the learning going and bring the education right to your home. Your kids might be feeling isolated from the world, but internet-based courses connect them to the global village and let them explore, learn, and socialize around the world.

The courses available online are not just for academic enrichment, but there are plenty of them designed to encourage your child’s interests and talents. Depending on your requirement and your kid’s interest, you can choose from the Best Free Online Courses for Kids listed below.

All-around curriculum

Free online courses are beneficial if you want to give your child an academic boost. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay high fees to get access to these educational resources. A plentiful of courses feature chock full of information, and a wealth of free lessons are available online.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides several online courses on a wide range of topics. It is a free online learning platform for kids of all ages. Moreover, It provides the opportunity to learn various subjects, including maths science, history, art history, economics, humanities, computer programming, etc., through instructional videos assessments and exercises.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home offers 4 weeks of free lesson plans to exploit your kids learning potential and growth. The read-along, critical thinking practice, drawings, and interactive activities help kids improve their reading and thinking capability. The available classes are for pre-kindergarten to 9th grade.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is an awesome website with over 50 million users and provides a lot of engaging learning content for maths. It has a free and supportive math curriculum for 1st to 8th-grade students.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science teaches science with short digital lessons and activity-based full lessons. These free lessons are for students in kindergarten to grade 5. is a free core academic platform and covers 13 subject areas. Their resource material includes rich multimedia content videos, animations, and simulations. Most importantly, it has over 7,000 free videos on general education subjects.

Reading & Writing Resources

Reading improves communication skills, and writing nourishes the creative thinking of your child. If your kid is lean towards reading and writing, there are plenty of free courses available that encourage reading and improve your kid’s writing capabilities.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online streams videos to improve reading, writing, and communication skills for English-language learners. In their videos, famous actors read books with illustrations. This free platform makes storytime more fun, meanwhile strengthens the comprehension, verbal, and written skills of young kids.


The Libby app is a free and easiest way to make reading more fun. Therefore you don’t need to wander around and search for libraries. Libby offers free access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. Download books for offline reading or stream them online for free; all you need is a library card from your library.


TypingClub is an engaging and highly effective way to improve the typing skills of your kid. Most importantly, its 650 typing games, typing tests, and videos are completely free. The practicing lessons and typing games will eventually make your kid typing pro in no time.

Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster has put together a fantastic selection of free grammar lessons and activities. These activities enable kids to learn punctuation, parts of speech, and other grammar elements without any help, Which, in turn, improves the reading and writing skills of kids.

Reading bear

Reading bear offers free access to its helpful resources to improve early readers’ vocabulary and reading capability. The presentations are full of fun and engaging materials. as a result, kids will gradually learn the main phonetic patterns and principles.

Foreign Language Learning Sites

Learning another language is a fantastic way to enhances listening skills and memory. These sites let your child learn a foreign language and certainly make his free time more productive.


Conjuguemos is an online resource for children to learn a variety of languages. There is a variety of fun activities and games which help kids to learn verbs and grammar. The learning games have a multiplayer option so that kids can play and learn with their friends.


Duolingo is a great way if you want your kid to learn a foreign language for free. Points for correct answers and level up will encourage your kid to learn more. Their lessons are small, effective, and full of fun so that kids remain attached to learn different languages.


Busuu offers free live language lessons for kids and teens. The lessons stream through their youtube channel. The live lessons are currently limited to three languages, but according to the company, they are working on more languages to make them soon available.

Breath, Think, Do with Sesame

Breath, Think, Do with Sesame is a free resource app that lets your child laugh and learn. Learn self-control and gain confidence while they help a Sesame Street monster friend. They can also learn how to stick to their task, stay calm, and solve everyday challenges through planning.