10 Best Online AutoCAD Courses & Trainings

Best Online AutoCAD Courses

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AutoCAD Civil 3D for Beginners

is the best because of its design specifically for beginners and high mechanical drafting expertise.

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CAD and Digital Manufacturing Specialization

specialization containing four courses designed specifically for different students.

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AutoCAD – Learn from Scratch

basic course for strategic depth and excellent conceptual clarity for the diverse areas of different fields.Get Now

Autocad is the most significant and commercialized software application created by Autodesk, having the excellent and extraordinary access of programs that run on both the mini and supercomputers. Hence, it is considered the most revolutionary application that can work in the fields of mechanics, electric, industrial, civil, and much more with the user’s facilitation in the best way. here is the Best Online AutoCAD Courses list

Similarly, in this modern era, having the technical skills on Autocad is a necessity with the proper real-time implementation. Hence, it assists the 3D or 2D drafts and designs with the geometric shapes that can be constructed and used in architectures. With the complete knowledge of software, the app is a weapon in this century; one can hold to achieve the potential and skills.

Moreover, the skill can help in professional affiliations. So, if you are planning to take the Autocad courses, you must look for the content as well as the hours and the certificate. With these ensured features, it becomes easier to select a particular area of interest and proceed further for better outcomes.

Hence, this article presents a list of AutoCAD online courses with certificates based on their ratings, quality of content, instructor status, and key features.

10 Best Online AutoCAD Courses

1. The complete Auto CAD 2020

 The complete Auto CAD 2020

This course 3D or 2D is specifically designed to fully understand and comprehend the mechanism of the software. Hence, it is fully functional for beginners and professionals. Hence, the course has a great scope in floor planning and mechanical drafting with the 3D models and rendering.

Similarly, the course package is the best for quizzes and video lectures. Hence, it has the best pack of quizzes and assignments with HD quality videos for better learning. The beginners can also start from scratch to follow the comprehensive guides, and the professionals can get an insight into some in-depth detailed lectures.

What to expect from this course?

Moreover, the course is ideal for 3D planning for structural and architectural designs. It offers a great number of downloadable instructions to modify and draw panels, plotting, and publishing for 3D drawing.

Key Features

It offers the following outcomes making it one of the best among other best online AutoCAD courses

  • For beginners and professionals
  • 16 hours of video lectures
  • Downloadable planning materials
  • Assignments and quizzes
  • Certificate on completion
  • Full-time access

Finally, the course can offer a lot in terms of quality planning and through information with a complete guide for better understanding. It also comes with a certificate on completion that enhances the value of this course.

2. CAD and Digital Manufacturing Specialization

The modern 21st century, with its extraordinary computing technological needs, offers social connections, computing, and integration between the various professions. Hence, this course is a perfect guide for the manufacturing industry of computer-aided and digital mechanisms that are a necessity in these times.

Moreover, this course is significantly popular among the market because of its developer’s reputable CAD work in the manufacturing industry. Hence, this course is considered in a few of the special courses designed by Autodesk that possess a strong CAD and Autodesk relationship that makes it best among the online CAD courses.

What to expect from this course?

Similarly, the course offers technical skills with the digital and innovative functionalities and offers a variety of video lectures to grasp the depth of the content. Also, this specialization course has abundant materials to download for extra skills and offers financial aid that makes it easier for users to work without any worries.

Key Features

The key features of the specialization are as follows;

  • Four courses
  • Abundant video lectures
  • Easy contacts
  • Efficient instructors
  • Certificate on completion
  • Allows financial aid
  • For beginners and intermediate

Finally, with all these facilities, the course offers enormous potential for the technical skill in this 21st century of digital technology. It assists the user in the computer-aided designs and the potentials of the software.

3. Free AutoCAD classes

Free AutoCAD classes-Skillshare

Skillshare has a massive place for crash courses without any cost providing a thorough comprehension of computer-aided design and technical skills. It is a platform that unites different people on various courses in less time with the experts and professionals from the respective fields.

Similarly, the content and the instructor are founded on the user’s needs and areas of study for an enhanced skill set. Whence all our courses are designed by the professionals to cater to the needs of the students. The first two months offer the best online AutoCAD classes free to get a better and deeper understanding of the mechanism.

For the student’s conceptual comprehension, the courses offer a variety of video lectures with assignments and quizzes that can eliminate any queries. Moreover, for even better understanding, the students are welcomed with the downloadable material to learn from and practically implement the instructions.

Key Features

Key features for these courses are;

  • Certificates on completion
  • Enormous study materials
  • For beginners and intermediate
  • 4+ ratings for all courses
  • Charge only for premium lessons

Finally, these courses offer a variety of significant technical, mechanical, and planning skills to implement with conceptual depth and clarity. Also, the students are welcome to qualify with paying to get the best potential and skill.

4. Learning Autodesk AutoCAD- Crash course

This course is foremostly famous for its drawing applications and skills with a long and extended set of skills that comes with it. Hence, it offers complete comprehension of basic geometry, blocks and text, modern model, and paper spaces with a brief account of the object properties and the object management and editing.

Similarly, Andrew Shroeder is a professional in civil design and instruction and possesses 17 years of past experience in the respective field. The course offers extended video HD lectures with the assignments and quizzes that help in better understanding with the expert instructor. Hence, it also has the best extra downloadable content to enhance strategic maneuvering.

The course is brilliant for its time management for students as it is a crash course and allows a time of three hours for the video contents to cover. It is also highly appreciated for the beginners and students on an intermediate level withdrawing and computer editing skills.

Key Features

The key features of this course are as follows;

  • 4+ ratings
  • 3 hours course duration
  • Beginners and intermediate
  • Certificate on completion
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Full-time access

Finally, the course offers a large advantage for the beginners as well as on the intermediate level to practice the skill and implementation on the practical terms. It also offers a large technical skill in comparatively less time that makes it a relatively famous crash course.

5. AutoCAD Electrical from Beginners to Expert

If you have a relative and basic Autocad experience, this course is for you. The course offers a complete insight into the powerful instructions in the electrical stream. The course is specially designed for advanced students, so the outcome is automatically dependent on the student’s basic understanding.

Similarly, the course is expensive. However, it provides a large amount of material for the development of pro skills. The course is an electric special and offers experience in wires, wire layers, cross reference, and project managing functions for better understanding and comprehension.

Moreover, the instructor is Sanjeev Kumar, who is a mechanical engineer and professional in this respective field of the area with twenty years of past experience. Hence, impaired with all these quality features, this course offers a variety of practical applications in the field.

What to expect from this course?

The course is specifically designed to provide a large and enormous specialization to electrical CAD techniques and real-life implementation. It also trains students in project managing, lists, and advanced tools skills.

Key Features

The course is equipped with the following features;

  • 10.5 hours of video content
  • Full-time access
  • Two articles
  • Certificate on completion
  • For advance level
  • 4+ ratings

In essence, this very expensive yet professional course offers a huge potential for practical electrical applications with its easily accessible content. Hence, this serves as a comprehensive guide for the complicated insight into the wires management functionalities and ultimately is the best online AutoCAD course.

6. AutoCAD Essential Training 2021

The course is simply famous because of the first approach they took to design a pure beginner course. After taking this course, the students are able to get enrolled and understand the advanced level course content deeply.

Similarly, Shaun Bryant is the instructor of this course who is an Autodesk certified instructor in Autocad and Revit architecture with the brilliance of expertise in this field. Also, his engaging lectures on design and drafting skills with 2D and 3D technical functionalities.

What to expect from this course?

This Lynda course is a basic course and is included in the category of the best AutoCAD courses for beginners. Hence, it basically deals with computer design basics, including the target, using the ribbon, interface, and the workspace. It is a treat for the people new to the use of computer design.

Key Features

Following are the services provided by this course for a better experience and quality potential;

  • 4.6 ratings out of 5
  • Excessive materials
  • Video content
  • Full-time access
  • Certificate on completion
  • Solely for beginners and intermediate

Finally, this draft and design course has major value when it comes to the technical performances and the practical implementation of its applications. Moreover, the video lectures are readily available that can assist the students in the overall experience.

7. AutoCAD Civil 3D for Beginners

AutoCAD Civil 3D for Beginners

The course offers the best range of civil engineering methodologies and offers the basic concepts of Autodesk Civil 3D. The major points covered in this course include the creation of points and surfaces, creating and manipulating survey data points, and cutting and filling calculations using civil 3D software.

Similarly, this course is taken by Hamid Sami, having high expertise in Mechanics, Materials, and structural engineering, having 4.1 ratings out of 5. Moreover, his major research areas include the areas of stability in structuring, the structural models, stability in construction material, and seismic rehabilitation.

What to expect from this course?

After taking this course of 3D civil engineering, you will be able to comprehend the 3D calculation’s superelevation, create cross-sections, import points to civil 3D, and create surfaces from them in the extended versions of implementation. For beginners, it is a comprehensive guide and an insight to understand the logic.

Key Features

Following are the quality features of this course;

  • I hour video lectures
  • Full-time access
  • Certificate on completion
  • For beginners and advance level
  • 4+ ratings out of 5

Finally, this course is the best AutoCAD training course that is an excellent training space for civil engineering equipped with plenty of sources to get materials from. Also, the downloadable materials help the students to get an insight.

8. AutoCAD 2019- Learn from Scratch

This course provides the basics from the Autocad, starting from design engineering to 2D drafting and animations, lights, material effects, and so on. Hence, this can get through as a conceptual course, among other Autocad online courses. Also, with enhanced and broad learning, this course is for architectures, industries, building designs, civil engineers, mechanical functionalities, and so on.

With full-time access and extended lectures, this course has much to offer. Hence, it provides 2D and 3D model drafting and design, efficiency, and shortcuts with the general assembly and fabricated design.

What to expect from this course?

The start from a scratch course can offer a range of diverse lectures based on different areas of interest. Hence, the course enhances your understanding of the 2D or 3D design models and amplification, structural understanding with the unit system’s real-life implementation. It also enables you to import and export the data files or drawing files from other projects through Autocad.

Why choose this course?

You should consider this course because it offers;

  • Comprehensive clarity of command and sub-command
  • Drafting and design real-time implementation
  • Troubleshooting and repairing drawing files
  • Advance topics like dynamic books
  • Use of engineering files

Key Features

Following are the key features of this course;

  • Full-time access
  • Extended extra sources
  • Six hours of video lecture
  • Certificate on completion
  • 4+ ratings out of 5

Finally, this Udemy course is a basic step to start learning Autocad’s tricks with efficiency and a professional way. Hence, the final outcome is facilitated by a number of reliable sources with the perfect design and drafting of technical skills.

9. Auto CAD 2019 course 3D and 2D

This course, specifically designed for absolute beginners, is an ultimate choice for the amateur students who are looking forward to the new choices to learn the Autocad skill. Hence, maintaining the tradition for beginner courses, there is no requirement or precious experience needed to get enrolled in this course.

Similarly, Awais Jamil is taking the course, which is an enthusiastic learner, as well as a teacher having prior experience in the field. Moreover, he is affiliated with Autodesk and works as a web developer, a software trainer, and a certified programmer who is transferring these skills further into the students through different platforms.

Moreover, the course is famous because it utilizes CAD’s modern application to comprehend the models of design using 2D and 3D models more broadly for deeper understanding. Also, it is ranked 4.3 out of 5, making it one of the best among the beginners having 1508 students.

What does this course offer?

After completing this course on Udemy, the students will be able to better understand 2D and 3D models with comprehensive know-how of Autocad. Moreover, it also works brilliantly with the house flooring and drafting and designing.

Key features

Key features of this course include;

  • Full-time access
  • 4.2 ratings
  • Downloadable material
  • 13 hours of video available
  • Certificate on completion

Finally, this course is an absolute beast for beginners to better understand Autocad for 3D modeling, drafting, and designing. Moreover, the articles and sources help in conceptual clarity and strategic maneuvering.

10. The Complete AutoCAD 2018-20 Course

This is the basic Autocad course that requires a basic and conventional understanding of computers. Jaiprakash Pandey takes it and AutoDesk certified, who has expertise in the manufacturing and training industry.

Similarly, the course is famous for the extended and comprehensive 184 video lectures impaired with the 150 Autocad commands and the one downloadable source. After taking the course, students are able to implement a real-time application. This course has 4.6 ratings out of 5. It also has six downloadable sources.

Moreover, the course has the best potential for beginners and intermediate students. It is also ideal for civil engineering, drafting and structuring industrial and architectural engineering and building designs.

What to expect from this course?

With 21000 students enrolled, the course offers Autocad drawings and preparation of the certification of exams. Moreover, it also provides assistance in floor plans, circuit diagrams, and mechanical drafting. It is also helpful in industrial, architectural, and mechanical drafting.

Key features

Following are the key features of the course;

  • Full-time access
  • 18.5 hours of video lectures
  • 6 downloadable resources
  • For beginners and advance level
  • Certificates on completion
  • 4.6 ratings out of 5

In the end, this course offers excellent field areas to explore the industrial and architecture with the enormous material available and easily accessible. In addition, the special quizzes and assignments can instill the overall conceptual clarity of the structure of art.


Which Best Online AutoCAD Courses ?

AutoCAD Electrical from Beginners to Expert-Udemy is the best Autocad course with its ability to provide assistance to the beginners as well as to the experts. Hence, it develops conceptual clarity over time with extraordinary electrical modeling and advanced technical skills for project management.

Where can I learn AutoCAD for free?

Skillshare offers a learning experience of Autocad for free. With the comprehension of computer-aided design usage, the skillshare is the only place that offers planning and drafting without any cost. However, it also provides premium courses with which it charges some dollars for the advanced learning experience.

Is skillshare better than udemy?

Udemy is the biggest and the most significant platform to get the conceptual learning experience that has various courses ranging from beginner to the advanced level. At the same time, the skillshare is a space open and easily accessible where many of the Autocad courses are free of cost without any payment. However, it also offers premium courses with better quality with charges.

Wrapping Up

Finally, these courses can contribute to skill enhancement and assist the process of drafting and designing in the long run, whether its architecture, electrical, mechanical, or building designs. With these skills at hand, you can ensure the best outcomes with the work’s quality features and value.

Thereby, whether it is a vertical orientation or horizontal orientation, whether it’s designing and drafting, you can do anything on this small device. Hence, achieving these skills can make you professionally as well as skilfully strong with better accuracy and precision for architecture, fine arts, and interior designs.

Hence, the best three courses according to overall ratings can be separated as;

Moreover, not only do these courses carry value, but some of the few courses are out of cost. Hence, you are getting the value and quality in these best online Autocad classes free. So, enhance the skill with these specializations to get the full potential possible.