Best Free Online Graphic Design Courses with Certificates

Graphic designing is a broad field that encompasses different primary and secondary specializations and this field is ever-growing by the innovation in talent and proactive ideas. In order to start your inner talent as a career, we suggest you get enrolled in the following best Free Online Graphic Design Courses which not only offer a flood of information but also award you with a certificate at zero cost. So let’s discuss these courses to make you avail these golden opportunities:

Graphic designers communicate and gather different ideas and solve problematic scenarios by presenting colours, images, or typography and inspire the world with their informative perception. We believe in God gifted and self-taught talent but this talent needs more nourishment via study and exploration which can be done by coming to a learning platform.

Free online graphic design courses with certificates

1. MIT Online Graphics Design Programs

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a range of well-organized degree programs ranging from very beginning level to advanced and professional that contains proper syllabus and a material like books, lectures, and videos. This syllabus is somehow related to the MIT classroom courses so you are getting the institutional environment at home.

The few major courses which are very popular under graphic designing are Media and Methods, Visualization of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, Data Storytelling Studio, Digital Typography, Science and Engineering pictures, and many more.

Furthermore, there are no hectic online portal logins or enrollment procedures but you can just go and start from anywhere you want like if you know the basics of a course you can simply skip the introductory lectures and move on.


  • Free of cost
  • Beginner and advanced level
  • No tough schedules
  • Informative
  • User friendly


  • No certificates

Overall, these institute level courses are totally recommended because they are highly informative and free of cost so that anyone can easily get into them.

2. Graphic Design Specialization

This Specialization course in Graphic Designing is offered by the California Institute of Arts associated with Calarts. It is six months of detailed course work with a highly oriented and lean syllabus which you can cover easily by just giving four hours a week. You can take this course as a part-time like on weekends and enhance your skills and experience.

On the completion of this course, you can get a certificate if you get enrolled from Coursera. Through Coursera, this course is paid and more schematic like it includes grading on assignments and projects, etc. However, you have access to all the modules and syllabus, of course, free of cost without getting a certificate and grading.


  • Cover core skills
  • Popular
  • Taught by Professional
  • Free of Cost


  • Certification is for paid students

Overall, this course provides a highly professional platform and secondary information to students who are interested more in gaining knowledge rather than having certification.

3. Introduction to Graphic Illustration

The following course is offered by Cornish College of Arts by Kadenze shortly called MOOC. It is a great platform for students all over the world who are interested in fields like arts, music, creativity, and technology. If someone requires certification, he/she has to register for a paid level course for it, however, the course information is identical so it’s not important to have a certificate.

The course comprises of five main sessions that are of 10 hours each. You can have these sessions at your own pace as there is no tough schedule for your busy routine. The outline covers an introduction to principles of graphic designing, software, workflow process and structures, composition, and typography.


  • Paid membership affiliated with some schools
  • Instructors are professional
  • Six different languages
  • No tough criteria for Eligibility
  • Free of cost and feasible


  • Course credit is charged

In summary, this course work is best to have for future graphic designers especially in these covid days or quarantining.

4. Graphic Design—Visual & Graphic Design

An online learning platform Alison is offering approximately 300 major courses in the field of accounting, photography, and more, in which over 80,000 people are enrolled from different areas. This site is a great opportunity for new learners who want to put their time into some first-class and ideal work.

The certificates are awarded to paid users (Not expensive, comparatively) on the completion of the same course and you can also download the lectures and paper form of a certificate, which is considered by organizations all over the world. However, classes or lectures are totally free.

Precisely, this course work covers the following aspects: contrast, balance, composition, and hierarchy along with shapes, forms, textures, and lines which are the elements of graphic designing.


  • Course modules are detailed
  • Popular and well-rated platform
  • Opportunity for beginners
  • Free of cost
  • Certification is also affordable


  • Not for advanced level

This course work is best for beginners who have future endeavours in the field of graphic designing because it highlights all the basic modules in detail and makes your roots stronger.

5.  Introduction to Graphic Design

This is another course work for beginners who want to learn how to create logos, banners, posts on social media, business cards, posters, and brochures with the online platform “Canva”. This is a comparatively short course and limited to a single tool but is totally recommended to students and learners at the primary level as it is informative yet delivering a sequence of knowledge will help you in your career.


  • Free of cost
  • User friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Quality is good


  • Limited and Short

Overall, it is recommended for young students as it is a very basic course that explains limited platforms in less time. It is effective for beginners as it gives know-how of the primary level.


Who is eligible to take free online Graphic Design courses?

Mostly, there are no hard eligibility criteria for enrollment in these online courses but it is recommended to have some basic knowledge of graphic designing before.

Will I Earn College Credits by Taking a MOOC?

The credit criteria vary along with different institutes so you need to confirm that from your school.

How Long Do Free Online Courses Take?

Normally, these courses include the recorded lectures so it depends on your way of scheduling your course.


Warmly welcome yourself to the good side of technology where you can avail yourself a bunch of information and come to a platform from your comfort zone free of cost. Don’t waste your leisure time scrolling social media but better make your CV stronger and enhance your skills with these aforementioned best online graphic designing courses