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Best chess courses our top picks

Are you looking for the best chest courses to learn chess tactics? If yes, then it is easy nowadays to find the best chess courses online. Chess is a recreational and competitive board game. This game is played between two players and is also known as western or international chess. To start your chess journey, you should have to learn all the chess tactics, and for this, you should have to go for the best chess courses.

There are lots of choices for you to start your chess classes on the internet. You can easily get enrollment in the best chess course according to your desire. The online chess courses will also save your time, and you can easily get classes from home without losing your comfort. The highly experienced instructors of online chess courses will teach you all the chess tactics through video lectures and also in the form of PDF.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to lose the game, the following tactics will be helpful for you such as:

  • Control the Center of the Board Throughout the Game. 
  • Always develop all your pieces as quickly as possible. 
  • Try not to move the same piece multiple times in the opening. 
  • Castle Early.
  • Don’t move your queen too soon. 
  • Connect your rooks and place them on the columns that will be open.
  • Please think twice before moving your pawns, and they can’t go back.
  • If you had a bad piece, try to change it quickly.

Best 10 Online Chess Courses 

In a wide range of chess courses, it might be challenging for you to determine which class is best for you. Bt you don’t need to worry about this. Here are some of the best online chess courses that will be helpful for you to learn the basic tactics as well as intermediate-level chess tactics to win more games or play chess confidently. The best online chess courses are:

Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor

This online chest course is best for beginners who want to play chess confidently and with the best foundation, and if you are a seasoned chess player already, then this course is not for you. You should have a PC or Mac computer to run the videos lectures of this chest course. 

This course will bring you to chess techniques such as how to develop the force efficiently, keep the king safe, repel the opponent’s attack, obtain an advantage early on, and checkmate your opponent. After this course, you will be able to play chess within one hour and build your strength from there. Learn more

Understanding chess openings | How to play ANY opening well

This class is best for beginners and club-level players who want to play good chess at the very beginning of the game, and those who want to be confused from the very first moves of the game, or those who want to know the grandmasters opening tricks. You should know how chess pieces work. After completing this course, you will be able to play chess confidently and also get to knows where to start. This class includes four sections with different techniques. In this course, you will also learn the following techniques such as:

  • Learn the main rules/principles of playing the opening
  • Discover the crucial detail about those rules
  • Understand the deep reasons behind the rules
  • Develop ALL your pieces to good squares
  • Get GM-approved downloadable opening repertoire

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Chess Tactics Essentials

This course is best for chess players below 1600 ELO and beginners who want to learn chess, and anyone who wants to improve their chess skills. You should have a basic knowledge of all chess pieces move. If you are a beginner and want to start a more winning game, then this course will be ideal for you. 

This chess course has simple chess tactics that everyone can easily learn chess. The ten years experienced instructor will lead you on this course and will teach you chess tactics in the form of video lectures and PDF. Once you get to know the chess tactics, you will be able to win more games.Learn More

Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed

This is the best chess training that will bring you from beginner to advance level. This course is best for chess lovers that has not had formal training. It would be best if you had a chessboard and pieces and also have basic chess knowledge to start this course.

This course will be helpful for you to learn the fundamentals of chess to take a start. For those who have not any formal training but want to learn the chess tactics such as forks and skewer, this course will be best for them. You will also be able to make strategies in your chess game. This class consists of 16b lessons to teach you all the chess tactics at an advanced level.Learn More

The Complete Guide to Chess Tactics

This chess course is also best for beginners and intermediate [kayers who want to improve their chess, and for ven more experienced players who want to sharpen their chess tactics. Every chess player will be able to improve their chess tactics skills by this class. You should know the basic fundamentals of playing chess. 

This course has a structure which is essentially is “process” and “pattern.” Both of these structures are to learn different chess tactics that will improve your game skills. The process is like the software of your mental level, and patterns are like the software’s content.

Tactical Patterns:

  • Absolute Pin
  • Advanced Pawn
  • Annihilation of Defence
  • Alekhine’s Gun
  • Attraction
  • Battery
  • Blockading defensive resource
  • Capture
  • Capture the Defender
  • Checks – gaining key tempo, e.g., winning material via checks
  • Clearance
  • Combine and Win tactics
  • Connected passed pawns
  • Counterplay management move
  • Counter Threat
  • Cross-check
  • Cross-pin
  • Decoy
  • Deflection
  • Demolition of Pawns around opponent’s king
  • Demolition of Pawn Structure
  • Desperado
  • Discovered Attack
  • Domination
  • Double Attack
  • Double Check
  • Dra Tactics
  • Endgame Tactics
  • Exchange sacrifice
  • f2 (or f7) weakness
  • Forcing Moves
  • Fork

Mating Patterns:

  • Anastasia’s mate
  • Anderssen’s mate
  • Arabian mate
  • Back-rank mate
  • Bishop and knight mate
  • Blackburne’s mate
  • Blind swine mate
  • Boden’s mate
  • Box mate (Rook mate)
  • Combine and Win Mate
  • Corner mate
  • Cozio’s mate
  • Damiano’s bishop mate
  • Damiano’s ate
  • David and Goliath, mate
  • Double bishop mate
  • Dovetail mate
  • Epaulette Mate
  • Fool’s mate
  • Greco’s mate

“Opponents downside” aka ” Tactical Liabilities” aka ” Weakness os position” patterns. This combination will help you to identify. 

  • Awkward Pieces (trappable)
  • King Safety Issues, e.g., Back rank
  • Loose pieces (unprotected)
  • Overworked pieces
  • Pieces away from King
  • Tactical Liabilities in general
  • Weaknesses in general

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I Will Teach You How To Play Chess – Openings (Beginners)

This chess class is best for you. If you are just a beginner or want to learn the basics to start chess, then this class is best for you. This class will ensure you that after getting this class, you will be able to practice properly for chess. This course includes 50 videos and 7 hours of lessons. You will also learn the following chess techniques in this class such as:

  • Ranging from strategies to tactics
  • How to defend and attack
  • Use tactical moves to give your opponent the final blow
  • Exercise 64 tactical chess problems
  • Advance to the chess(CK)list to improve the essential opening principles

Find your favorite opening with a personality test.Learn More

Dirty Chess Opening Traps – The Patzer Opening

This skillshare chess course is best for you to learn chess tactics as well as how to do chess opening properly. This class also avoids form some cheeky opening track with the second white move Queen to H5. They will teach you how to play the opening trap yourself with some variations and how to counter it best. This chess course also has a bonus course on how to use the notation system. Learn More

Chess: Learn to Play the French Defense Like a Master

This chess course is best for you to learn french defense. The French defense is considered as one of the best chess openings played at all levels. It is also a very fun opening and is extremely effective against opponents. In this course, you will also learn how to play French defense with both black and white pieces. You will also learn the following chess tactics such as:

  • Must know tactics
  • Must know positions
  • Key defensive moves to avoid checkmate
  • Key attacking patterns to crush your opponent’s king
  • Important piece maneuvers
  • Critical middle game positions
  • How to fight for key squares
  • How to best use the bishops 
  • How to take control of the center
  • How to get a strong position out of every opening
  • Much more

If you get to know the opening techniques, you will be able to become a strong player, and it will also help you tremendously in blitz chess at the first several moves. Learn More

Checkmate in Chess: From Beginner to Intermediate

If you are a chess player or want to learn to checkmate in chess, then this class is best for you. As you are able to know about checkmates, you will easily put your opponents in difficulty. Along with checkmate, you will also be able to learn other important chess concepts such as:

  • How to checkmates in chess
  • Visualization in Chess
  • Discovered Attacks
  • Sacrifices
  • Checkmate Patterns 

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Chess – Learn How To Find Tactical Strikes: Intermediate Move, Tempo Gain

This is the best chess course by skillshare to learn the tactical strikes for the intermediate move, tempo gain. In this class, you will not only learn the concepts of these tactical chess moves but also able to learn the logic behind finding these moves in your own chess game. This class will be beneficial for you to learn an intermediate move or tempo gain to improve your position in a certain game. 

Learn chess is not a difficult task; it is basically a mind game. You have a strong mental strategy for the game and make your moves confidently and perfectly. The most important chess tactics are the opening of chess or french defense; if you are good at these tactics, you will easily win games. The online instructor will help you to learn all the tactics to become an intermediate-level chess player. I hope that the above online chess courses will be helpful for you to make a start towards chess, and you will be a good chess player. Learn More