13 best online AWS certification courses of 2021

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course

Udemy is a beginner-level online course for those who want to excel in the solutions architect exam, and for those who want to make professional web applications, udemy is the best online course for them.

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Absolute Beginners Introduction to AWS

If you are an individual with no basic knowledge of AWS, this is the right course. It is the most basic beginner-level course that will introduce you to all the aspects of AWS.

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Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

The best next online AWS certification course is the comprehensive udemy Solutions architect associate course, which will help you learn to come up with your own solutions.Get Now

If you are looking for the best online AWS certificate training courses, you are in the right place. We will list down for you different AWS training and certification courses, which will help you flourish your skills and help you earn more from them. Below are some of the online AWS certification courses that will help you with expertise without having to go to the classes. Let’s learn more about these courses.

In today’s world, everything is being shifted to technology. More than half of the youth is starting to choose amazon for their earnings. The youth is eager to learn, grow, and be independent. That is why they have started to earn by working from home.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is an expert to help professionals to advance their skills. It helps empower the individuals to meet their goals by using the advanced skills and techniques through AWS.

Best Online AWS Courses

1. AWS Cloud Practitioner LinkedIn Learning

13 Best Online AWS Certification Courses of 2021

Firstly the most important course for you as a beginner is LinkedIn learning, which helps you to get a basic understanding of the core concepts of AWS services and cloud computing. Linkedin learning includes 8 online courses, which will help you start practicing AWS as soon as you complete them.

You don’t have to worry about who will teach you as the instructors include 5 of the most well-known instructors famous for knowing LinkedIn like a pro. These instructors have been at top-level management in the industry for years, and you will definitely be learning a lot of professional and industry-relevant education.

The 8 courses would take the individual to take a maximum of 20 hours in total, and after that, you would be able to know the basics of cloud computing, cloud storage, and cloud architecture before starting your business functions on the main AWS platform, including all your functions and business solutions.

The learners can take all 8 courses on LinkedIn learning and complete them all within a 1-month free trial span. Linkedin learning has the most amazing feature of giving their learners a course completion certificate for free.

Overall, LinkedIn learning is one of the best online AWS certificate courses, which makes you into a career-ready individual with skills that are the most needed for your businesses.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course

13 Best Online AWS Certification Courses of 2021

Udemy is a beginner-level online course for those who want to excel in the solutions architect exam, and for those who want to make professional web applications, udemy is the best online course for them.

Currently, approximately 550,000 people are enrolled in the udemy website. You will be joining them for this course. We guarantee that you will be in good hands as the 2 instructors for this course have 20 plus years of experience each. They can definitely make you industry-ready.

The course is an 18-hour long course where the students will be given a detailed overview of AWS and then further dive into more detailed topics individually like EC2, database, HA architecture, and much more.

The best thing about this course is that the student has to give 2 practice tests before giving the final exam, which makes sure you are perfectly ready and prepared. After passing the exams, the student gets the certificate of completion as well.

Overall, udemy is one of the most authentic and best online certification courses platform that introduces over 15000 courses from beginner to advanced level with lifetime access to their website.

3. AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) Exam SAA-C01

Aws Training best online course

This is an intermediate level course for people who are already familiar with AWS’s basics but want to go further into the studies. This course is for you if you want to give the associate’s solutions architect exam, for which LinkedIn learning is just the right platform for you.

You will be joining more than 10000 people who have taken this test before. You would not want to miss this course as for the instructor, a highly professional individual will lead you with more than 25 years of experience. He will surely make you a market-ready person with his experience and affiliation with Procter and Gamble and the US Department of Defense.

During the 18-hour long course, students will be going through 10 courses where they will learn AWS storage design, compute services, virtual private cloud, auto-scaling, virtual network services, and much more.

The best thing about this course is that you will receive a completion certificate along with free access to over 17000 courses. If you buy the practice tests for self-evaluation, you will get a discounted price from LinkedIn. The candidate will be fully prepared to pass the associate exam after completing the course.

4. Absolute Beginners Introduction to Amazon Web Services – AWS Skillshare

skill share best online Aws Course

If you are an individual with no basic knowledge of AWS, this is the right course. It is the most basic beginner-level course that will introduce you to all the aspects of AWS.

The instructor for this course has all the four AWS certifications and is an IT guru. We can assure you that you will be trained just right by him. He will make sure you leave at the end with maximum knowledge and satisfaction.

The course is of 3 hours with a total of 29 courses. The students will go through all the basics and introductory processes of the AWS, which includes account setup, access and management, CLI setup, and many more.

As the course is hosted on skillshare, the new users can take advantage of a free two-month trial and get the maximum benefit from the site. The site includes all the class projects, videos of the lectures, and over 27000 online courses that you might be looking for.

Overall this course is the best for you if you are willing to use AWS in the future to make your business grow. The 3 hours course will have you covered with all the basics, and you can jump to the next stage of learning very easily.

5. Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 

udemy best online Aws Course

The best next online AWS certification course is the comprehensive udemy Solutions architect associate course, which will help you learn to come up with your own solutions. The authenticity of the course can be validated by the 4.7 ratings from the 165000 students currently enrolled with udemy.

Course will be taught by a software developer and a solutions architect with several AWS certificates. Definitely, the right person to teach and guide the students with a basic understanding of the solutions architect associate course.

It is a 24-hour long beginner level course where the instructor will guide you through all the components of the SAA-CO2 exam, which includes serverless fundamentals, basic concepts like EC2 and RDS, and many more.

The students can get full-time access to udemy with over more than 150000 online courses. It also includes the certificate of completion at the end of the course. It is the best platform to learn all kinds of courses from beginner level to advanced level.

6. AWS Essential Training for Developers

linkdin AWs Course

If you are a developer wanting to start your own AWS training to advance in your career prospects, then this beginner level AWS course is just for you. The instructor for this course is an efficient web developer with more than 20 years in his respective field. He is also the CEO of halvanta company which is an IT consultancy company in texas. He is a highly skilled AWS Trainor.

The course is of 3 hours long, which covers all the basics of services offered by AWS. these include all the common tasks such as setting up security for a root account, EC2 web management, and much more.

best thing about this course on LinkedIn is that the learnings you achieve would be tested practically and that you will apply on a project given to you. Upon successful completion, you would be given a certificate. This means you wouldn’t have to cram the course; it is of proper understanding and learning.

It is the best course that covers all aspects of basic AWS in a short time. It also gives the perks of its new users to subscribe for a one-month free trial.

7. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 Pluralsight

aws certificate

If you already have basic AWS knowledge and want to get a step forward with your learnings, then you have this test, which is given to you by Pluralsight. It helps you ace your associate SAA-CO2 exam with efficiency.

Pluralsight offers 5 courses from which you set your learning path straight. After completing the course, you will be able to construct a good architect framework using AWS easily.

Instructors for these courses are provided by Pluralsight. Pluralsight selects its own instructors that are efficient and have the most knowledge regarding their fields. This can be assured that the instructors proficient in their fields will correctly guide you.

The course is of intermediate level with a total of 5 courses of 15 hours long. A student will be able to learn the various aspects of well-architected frameworks, which include building for reliability, performance efficiency, security on AWS, and many other aspects.

Students of Pluralsight will also get an overview of the actual exam. After the exam, the students will get the completion certificate. Pluralsight also gives a 10 day free trial for its standard and premium packages along with a 33% discount on some of its packages, making it one of the best online courses for you.

8. AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2020

AWS certified developer is a course that has been in demand this year. CDA is a top-rated certification course that can be of help. So if you want to build your resume efficiently, this is the best course for you.

The online AWS course is instructed by high skilled professionals who are pro solutions architect and founders of cloud guru with more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields. Both instructors have taught more than 500000 students.

The course is of 16 hours with detailed information and detailed learning of CDA exams. The topics include basic and advanced identity and access management, EC2, developer theory, and many more. The students can get lifetime access to udemy with more than 150000 courses ranging from beginner to advanced level.

It is a beginner level course of 16 hours which gives a completion certificate once the students have finished their learnings. Udemy is also offering a 93% discount for a limited time. Overall it is the best and reliable course for you to qualify for the CDA exams.

9. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning

aws offered training

Machine learning has been growing and is in demand for the past years; it is important for every web developer to know and learn machine language to excel in their fields. If you are seeking to learn machine language along with mastering the skills in AWS, then this is the best option for you.

For the instructor, a senior technical AWS Trainor would be guiding you. He would be teaching the students AWS online Machine learning. In the past, he has taught more than 250000 people and has been a pro in his field.

This is an intermediate level 8 hour long course which teaches the students the importance of machine learning concerning AWS in this modern world. You will be able to learn different problem-solving techniques on this problem through AWS.

The course is available on Coursera, along with financial aid for students who are unable to pay for the subscription. After the students are done learning, they will be awarded a free completion certificate that adds a lot to their resume. Overall it is a top expert-led online course to start with the learning of AWS.

10. Become a Cloud Developer – Nanodegree Program Udacity

Best Udacity Aws Course

Next on the list is the nanodegree program from audacity, which will help you learn everything you need to know about AWS. Cloud developer. It can make you an efficient professional in a short span of time.

You will be instructed by a group of well experienced and well-educated members with proficient web development skills and advanced knowledge of the software. They have over 500 companies listed in their clients, which guarantees your efficient learning. They are definitely going to make you market-ready in no time.

This is an intermediate level course of 4 months requiring 10 hours of your effort per week. After completing the course, the student would have achieved the basic and advanced understanding of AWS cloud development.

On Udacity, the best thing is when you enrol, a personal mentor is assigned to you, which caters to all your educational needs and helps you to launch your own developer cloud once the course is completed. This way, you can easily put your knowledge to work. Once the learning is done, the candidate will also receive the certificate of completion.

Overall it is the best course in regards to learning and practicing it out. The mentor can further be an advantage to you if you face any difficulty in the cloud. This confirms that you will be made market-ready in a short period of time.

11. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams 

Awe certificate solutions

An AWS professional, even with years of experience, can still fail the SAA-C02 exam. Whereas, this exam is extremely important to become AWS certified. This is not an issue to have worried about. As it’s said, practice makes a man perfect. It would be best if you had a lot of practice to ace this exam. Udemy is a platform that allows you to practice a lot during the span of your learning.

You will be guided and instructed by a highly professional and high skilled individual. He has published 6 courses on udemy and has taught over 140000 students. He is a highly skilled solutions architect and a web developer with more than 10 years of experience.

This is an intermediate level course with almost 6 practice tests with 65 questions each, which makes you prepared for the SAA-C02 exam along with your learnings. The practise questions will have more detailed explanations to clear the concepts of the students more precisely.

Udemy allows you to take 6 practise tests that are also based on the reviews of more than 70000 people who have taken the actual test. This helps you to be more prepared for the test. The udemy platform gives you the advantage of checking and reviewing the test through your phone as well.

This is the perfect platform for those who want to learn and qualify for the tests with understanding and good grades.

12. AWS: Getting Started with Cloud Security (edX)

Getting Started with Aws Cloud Security

If you have worked hard on your data breaches and malware getting wasted on cloud-based software, then this is the best platform for you. This is a beginner level course that teaches you everything about managing and implementing your in a cloud management environment using AWS.

Your instructors are individuals who are best in their jobs with maximum years of education and experience. They are proficient in solutions architect software and believe in delivering top-level education to their students. We guarantee that you will be in good hands.

It is a beginner level course which is 1 month long and requires 4 hours of continuous effort per week. At the end of the course, the student will be able to know the basics of cloud security and set up along with many more operations using AWS.

The course by edX is known to be a highly comprehensive AWS course which can be accessed by everyone. You can also get the completion certificate by paying a nominal fee. It will help you to showcase your acquired skills more efficiently. Overall it is the best course for you to pursue.

13. AWS Fundamentals Specialization

Aws best Training

This course is for the ones who want to acquire AWS specialization in a detailed manner. Coursera helps the individual to give a comprehensive review of all the courses AWS offers to businesses through the cloud. It’s a course that has more than 50000 students enrolled at a time, giving them a basic understanding through skills, knowledge, and practices.

The instructor’s list is, in fact, very long. The student will be instructed by 12 highly professional individuals. The instructors have a high command in their respective fields and have years of experience to guide the students successfully. These instructors also include in the top 4 rated instructors of Coursera, which makes it obvious for you to gain maximum knowledge through them.

It is a beginner-level course that will be 5 months long, requiring the students to give a minimum of 2 hours of effort per week. After the course, the students will know everything related to AWS and its courses, and much more.

One definitely wants to learn a lot, and money shouldn’t be a thing of stopping a person from learning. Keeping in mind the needs of its students, Coursera offers financial aid to the students who cannot afford the courses. Also, the students get a completion certificate at the end, giving a weightage to their resumes.

Overall this is the highly recommended most rated AWS course and definitely the best pick for you.


Above mentioned are the best picks of AWS courses that are being offered. Organizations do want not only intellectual candidates but also to want skillful candidates for themselves. As the companies are shifting from public clouds to cloud computing, it is recommended to have candidates with skills and understanding of basic web clouds. This article will help you to choose among the best suitable courses for you, that will not only help you to learn and gain skills but will also test you during the learning processes, totally making you ready for the market waiting for you.

This article will definitely help you with improving your basic skills, lea

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