10 Best Digital Nomad Jobs (Digital Remote Jobs) Updated for 2024

Best digital nomad jobs

You probably have a lot of beautiful places to visit on your bucket list, don’t you? But traveling is expensive, and taking regular leaves from a 9 to 5 desk job seems impossible nowadays. Seeing people on social media travel around the world while maintaining an impressive lifestyle makes us wonder if some people get lucky or if, by some means, can we do the same?you have come to the perfect place to learn about some of the best digital nomad jobs.

The answer to this mystery is that most of these people opt for digital nomad careers. They have jobs that do not require them to be present in a specific office or workplace to perform their duties. Rather they use the internet and telecommunication technology to perform their tasks on the go. If you think you have the skills and capabilities that one might require for these digital nomad jobs,

10 Best Digital Nomad Jobs

1. Influencer

One of the most common jobs for digital nomads we see trending nowadays is that of an influencer. To start as an influencer, a person must identify their area of interest at first. This may be related to styling, trying out the latest trends, makeup, hair videos, skincare, etc. These are some categories female influencers can work on.

Nowadays, male influencers can work on similar categories, reviewing all the latest brands, new trending hairstyles, promoting new food places, and even creating awareness about world affairs. The second step for these influencers is to expand their reach.

Social media platforms like Instagram and youtube can be used for this purpose. Other than that, they must physically meet with new people to introduce new ideas and new trends to their followers. People who already have enough following have it easier than others who start as complete beginners.

Companies contact influencers for the marketing of their products, or if you are starting, you can contact companies yourself to offer promotions for payment in return. It is necessary for you to contact companies that make products or offer services related to your area of expertise as random promotions for every other company may affect your stature.

As influencers, you are expected to give honest and unbiased opinions regarding different products rather than praising them for mere promotion payments. This will help you to create a better reputation and increase followers as well.

2. Online Teaching

With the power of the internet, studying and learning is not only limited to a classroom anymore. People worldwide can access the internet for help regarding different subjects they find difficult to understand. If you think you have skills in any subject, you can opt for teaching it online to students from around the globe.

There are many online teaching websites that you can contact if you want to be a part of their online staff, or you can even start your own website. However, it is advised you start with an already established website as it is quicker and easier than starting your own platform.

Online teachers must keep track of the updated courses for the subject they are to teach. This will help them prepare their lectures according to the curriculums. They must also regularly update their students with online reading and learning material for continuous guidance.

If you are not skilled at any particular subject, there are people worldwide who want to learn the English language. You can help teach English or any other languages you know using the internet to make your income without physically going to a school or an academy.

Here is a website that can help you find out more about online teaching and some of the best websites that are hiring teachers to take online classes.

You can also learn more about starting your own learning school by taking help from this website

3. Photography

One of the best digital nomad jobs for beginners is photography. If you think you have an aesthetic sense and can capture the beauty of the world in your camera lens, then you are good to go. You may require some expensive photography equipment for this job, but if you are fond of photography, investing in such equipment will not be a waste of money for you.

Online photographers can upload sample pictures they have taken to exhibit their talent for the world and take online orders for shoots. Although you need to be traveling to the shoot locations, you can specify the areas you can cover according to your convenience, making it location independent to some extent.

However, photographers need to work hard on self-promotions and to market their work. No matter how exquisite your pictures are, you initially need help to expand your name on social media and in your physical circle. This will help you get more orders and hence better payments. Making a decent income for a well-established photographer is not a difficult job. If you have the talent and good social outreach, you can make your reputation in no time.

On average, a social media photographer in the United States is found to make about $44,664 a year. If you are thinking of trying your luck at social media photography, here is a link to help you grow your circle and get better opportunities for your future career.


4. Writer

Writers are required for every field nowadays. Good writers can take the value of a product and multiply its value by several times by how well they describe its specs and uses. Therefore if you are confident with your writing skills and want to opt for some digital nomad jobs for beginners, this field, in particular, is perfect for you.

You can work for small websites as well as large companies, depending on how impressive your capabilities and past experiences have been. Each company offers different packages depending on how big or successful it is. Some may pay based on the number of words or articles you write—others based on writing hours, days, or weeks.

According to the latest surveys, about 27.8% of the freelancer writers fell into the low-paid categories. On average, an online writer can make somewhere between $24,000 – $115,000 per year.

You can opt for shadow writing for an easier and quicker startup, or you can work on forming your own website. Although this can be more profitable, it is more time consuming and will need more effort and require more money. If you are convinced you to have what it takes to be a good writer, take a look at this website to learn more about how you can start up your own freelance writing career.


5. Transcriptionists



However, one of the easiest yet time-consuming jobs for digital nomads on the internet is that of a transcriptionist. The idea of listening to different audios and penning them down may seem very simple. However, this can take hours to get done.

Attending seminars or speech and writing down everything you hear can be very boring and monotonous for a person. Still, if you believe you have good listening skills and good typing or writing speed, you can definitely give it a try.

Although this is a job bound to test your patience, it offers good and easy money. On average, transcriptionists that work from home can make upto $27,500 to $78,000 annually. Hence, even if it is opted for as a part-time job, you can make a pretty decent income depending on how many hours of the day you work. Some of the transcriptionists are even paid as high as $110,500 annually in the United States.

To help you decide if this is the job suitable for you, you can look at this website, which explains the necessary skills you would require when applying for this job.

Once you have understood whether this is the job for you or not, you can go through the following link to help you start your new career in transcribing.

6. Social Media Manager

This is another high in demand digital nomad job nowadays. The massive companies and even smaller companies nowadays do not have the time to manage all their social media platforms. Keeping in touch with all the latest trends, all the technical ongoings in the world of the internet, and keeping in touch with the customers’ feedback, all while working on their product and services quality at the same time is definitely too much work. Hence this is where the work of a social media manager comes in.

It is upto the Social media managers to decide how to use the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to attract the online audience. They are responsible for marketing the company’s ideas at the right time and in the right way. Approaching the necessary influencers and keeping a check on customer feedback are all jobs listed under the social media manager’s work.

Although this isn’t a very high paid job, a person can work for multiple companies at the same time to make a decent annual income. According to the latest LinkedIn survey, on average social media managers in the US, having experience of 1-4 years, are seen making about 50 000 dollars a year.

For this job, It is necessary to be well aware of the use of all social media platforms and be well updated on all the new trends online. If you are interested in pursuing careers or a part-time job in the field of social media management, you may want to look into this website to help you with starting off

7. Data Entry

One of the easiest and quickest way to get into a nomad digital career is data entry. This is considered to be very easy because it requires almost no skills or specific learning. Neither any experience is required for you to start with this job. In Fact, all you need is your laptop and a good playlist to listen to when you’re copying data from one place to another.

Apart from the fact that this job requires no technical education or any special equipment, it is also something that requires no starting investment. Hence you can start right away without having to make some starting payment.

The data entry work can be very simple. Companies of smaller or larger scale give you data to be entered and organized into sheets or lists. These files can be saved for future records in a systematic order. Although this work is very simple, it may be time-consuming. The data entry jobs are not very highly paid; however, when combined with another part-time job can help make a decent annual income.

The average income from data entry jobs in the US range somewhere at about $41,568 a year. This means that per week a person can make upto 799 dollars with this job. If a data entry job interests you, you may want to look into the link  below to find some suitable jobs to start with

8. Virtual Assistant

With so many people starting their business and online service programs, they require assistance to help them with a lot of stuff related to their work. For example, keeping a record of appointments, customer feedback, financial accounts, etc. Therefore assistants are in high demand nowadays by companies as well as individuals.

A Virtual assistant is actually very similar to a regular assistant. The main difference is that a virtual assistant takes care of all of his tasks while working from their homes’ comfortable environment. For this job, the applicants need to be aware of several basic computer applications to consider themselves eligible for a virtual assistant position.

Another benefit of being virtual assistance rather than a regular assistant is that you have flexible working hours. This allows you to perform your job according to your availability without restricting yourself to specific office timings.

According to the latest surveys, The average salary for virtual assistants in the US is $26,350 per year. Hence it may not be much, but you can consider it a decent income for a part-time job. If you are looking for ways to start looking for opportunities to work as a virtual assistant, consider giving the following Website a read horkeyhandbook.com/how-to-become-a-virtual-assistant/

9. Video Editing

Vloggers, bloggers, influencers, and content creators all use different media to record videos and use them for entertainment and creating awareness etc. After recording these videos, they need to edit them for display. They require special equipment for video editing. Therefore, this is where video editors can show their talents as they possess high-tech computers specialized in video editing.

If you are someone with a good aesthetic sense and good computer technology skills and enjoy editing simultaneously, this is the perfect job for you. You can create your own website for people to reach you for their editing concerns. However, these websites need promotions through different channels for you to get clients.

Not only can you use your video editing skills for other influencers, in fact, you can also make your own videos and edit them. On average, video editing earns about $53,891 in the United States. For someone fond of playing with graphics and animations, this is the ideal job. You can do your dream job while sitting comfortably at your house and enjoying a decent salary.

If you want to learn how to edit videos professionally to opt for jobs like these, you can follow some online courses.

To understand step by step how you can pursue a career in video editing, consider taking help from the following website.

10. Website Developing

As more and more people are starting their own businesses and offering new services worldwide, website developers’ demand is increasing. This is because nowadays every company, whether small or big, requires its own website.

These companies need to pay as much attention to their social media approach as they pay to their product quality. Because no matter how good their products are, if they do not market them correctly, there will be more loss than profit.

Hence for creating the perfect websites, website developers need to learn working with certain programs, both complex and simple, for the formation of media platforms for different companies and individuals. Some of these programs include the JAVA HTML CSS etc.

However, this is not a very easy task and not possible for every other individual. Mostly, experts in computers and software have some previous knowledge of programming or software development. They can opt for this job. It will take time for a completely new user to understand website development within a short time.

In 2018 on average, a website developer made $69,430 a year in the United States. Therefore with this job, a person can make a decent annual income. If you think you have the skills needed to make websites for different companies, you should definitely opt for this digital nomad job. If you are a beginner, visit the following link to kick start your website developing career.

Benefits of Digital Nomad Jobs

All of the jobs mentioned above have several advantages that make them better than regular jobs. A few of the numerous benefits are as follows.

No Transport Issues

While working a regular job, we waste so much time traveling. Traffic jams nowadays make it a nuisance commuting from home to the office and vice versa every day. Having to make it in time for important meetings is such a stress. Therefore with digital nomad jobs, there are no more worries about having to take the bus or taxi. In fact, by working from home, or wherever you are in the world, you can even save money spent on fuel used in your cars.

No Dress Code

Remember the times you had to worry about the dress code of your office. More than the job, nowadays people worry about looking presentable at all times. Spending money on suits and dresses that would be specifically suitable for your office environment seems like such a waste of money.

Therefore digital nomad jobs are perfect for saving the time you spend on looking good. Instead, you can use this time on more important matters. Similarly, you can also save the money you spend on unnecessary wardrobe expenses. With these jobs, you can relax in your pajamas while you focus on the quality of your work rather than the quality of your appearance.

Customized Schedule

Having a Nomad digital job, you can easily schedule your job according to your available time slots. There is no need to strict yourself to a 9-5 window. This allows you to have a more relaxed lifestyle. If you are not an early bird rather a night owl, it is not an issue. You can do your tasks easily according to your convenience without forcing yourself to rise early every morning.

Easy Leave

In a normal job, there may be complications in asking for leaves now and then. Your boss may not be lenient enough to give you off every other day. On the other hand, having a nomad digital job lets you easily go wherever you want without taking any leaves. And even if you want to take a day or two off, you can do that. You are answerable to no one as long as you can finish your work on time.

Enjoy Your Life

A nomad digital job allows you to make money while enjoying your life at the same time. Instead of being occupied with your office and work all the time, you can spend time with family and friends. Similarly, you can travel the world while working as long as you have an internet connection. You do not feel trapped because of a monotonous job.

Drawbacks of Digital Nomad Jobs

Everything that has pros has its cons as well. Therefore, although digital nomad jobs have many benefits, you should consider a few drawbacks before choosing a nomad digital career.

No Fixed Income

When you are always on the go and working according to your own terms and conditions for a contract, there is a fear of uncertainty. You may have a contract of a month or two or absolutely no contract. You may earn handsomely at the start of your video editing career or your blogging or writing career. But you may start to lose your clients with time. In contrast, a regular job gives you a fixed amount of salary every month. It is independent of how much loss or profit the company makes. Therefore although these jobs have comfort and independence, there is a risk factor.

To help prevent such sudden shocks, you must start saving from an early stage. Or when you are doing well in your career. This will help you sustain through any rough patch that may come up in your career time span, .

Self Motivation

When there is no continuous checking or supervision, it can be hard to motivate yourself. Especially if you are traveling, you may be distracted by all the beautiful views around you. In this case, you must maintain discipline, realize your responsibilities, and look for ways to keep yourself motivated.


There are several nomad digital jobs for you to choose from if you want to make money while moving from one place to another.

You need to assess which of these skills you possess and which job is more suitable for your capabilities. So pack your bags and don’t let go of all your traveling dreams just yet.

Choose the best nomad digital job for yourself and get going on that next adventure!